Cryptic Genie Society: FAQs

What is the Cryptic Genie Project?

Cryptic Genie Society is a collection of 9,888 unique genies granting wishes around the Ethereum Blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens on ERC-721 contract.

CGS Collection is a combination of unique hand drawn and randomly generated programmed genies. Each genie has its own rare characteristics and traits.

What is The DUNGEON?

The DUNGEON, being hidden from everyone for centuries, has accumulated plenty of unknown and undiscovered treasures which masters can hunt for during the “hunting season”.

The Masters use their genie avatars to gain exclusive access to the DUNGEON where they can play games and earn geniecoins as they level-up on the games.

Where do I purchase a Cryptic Genie?

You will be able to mint your Cryptic Genie at OpenSea.

For presale, maximum of 2 genies per transaction. For main sale, maximum of 5 genies per transaction.

This is my first time buying an NFT, how do I make a purchase?

Buying an NFT is easy using these simple steps:

  • Open a METAMASK wallet
  • Fund the MetaMask wallet by buying Ethereum enough to pay minting fee and gas for each genie.
  • Go to and connect your MetaMask Wallet
  • Search for Cryptic Genie Society in
  • Select your genie and select Buy Now
  • You are now a Master of a Genie!

We found these youtube tutorial videos helpful:

How will the sales proceeds be used?

Majority of the proceeds will be given back to the project for breakthrough development of The Dungeon in transforming this to a Metaverse Augmented Reality gaming site. The proceeds will also be used for various purposes in engaging the Masters in building the genie community through giveaways, raffles and games.

Are any tokens withheld from the sale?

Yes, 888 will be held for the team, promotions and marketing.