Cryptic Genie Society: The Game

The player in the game is the master of the genie who explores the dungeon. The objective is to get as many treasures. The player has three lives. There are challenges and obstacles in exploring the dungeon such as creepy monsters, humanoids, lava, traps and other enemies. The player fights using weapons and punches. The player also gets three wishes from the genie: extra life, instant death of the enemy, double points for treasures.

There will be weekly and monthly scoreboard of players starting from the highest scorer. The top scorers get more entries on the weekly and monthly raffle draws**.

The initial release is a single player environment. There are plans to enhance to a multi-player environment and eventually switch to NFT gaming where players can buy weapons, skins, and other game items.

** The non-players still get an entry to the monthly raffle draws but players get more entries for more chance of winning.