Welcome to the Cryptic Genie Society

Cryptic Genie NFT membership @ .06ETH


Cryptic Genie is a limited NFT collection where each genie-master is given EXCLUSIVE membership access to THE DUNGEON, where Jinns and Jeannies hang out with their masters.

Cryptic Genie Society is a collection of 9,888 unique hand drawn and randomly generated programmed genies granting wishes around the Ethereum Blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens on ERC-721 contract.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon, being hidden from everyone for centuries, has accumulated plenty of unknown and undiscovered treasures which masters can hunt for during the “hunting season”.

You are given masters-only EXCLUSIVE access to THE DUNGEON where you can retrieve treasure and win prizes!

Roadmap 1.0: The DUNGEON opens to all MASTERS!


Grant Cryptic Genie Merch to some lucky Masters.


Grant free genies to 5 lucky masters - multiply your wishes!


Donate to charity with a purpose of helping aspiring Artists!


Hunting Season's prizes are announced! The Dungeon gamers get their rewards: gems, cryptos, trips!


Genie's companion is announced! It's free - only pay for gas!


Who doesn't LOVE to PARTY? We'll have a fabulous PARTY for gods, masters and genies! Be ready to be on a magic carpet ride! One lucky master and a companion will be given an all expense-paid trip Around the World!

Roadmap 2.0: The DUNGEON expands and turns into an NFT Gaming arena! COMING SOON!

** At unleashing of ALL genies by the masters; with Cash Option of up to $50,000 (Official Rules)


Cryptic Genie Masters Society

The Cryptic Genie is a society-driven realm. The gods love to see and hear how each master is being treated by the genies! Let's hang out together!

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The Masters

Here are the Master Genie-ouses behind the Cryptic Genie Society.

Team Jampe

Artists: Team Jampe

“Digitally creative both day and night without a doubt in this GENIE-ration.”

Wish: Super soft and comfy bed.


Game Developer: CEGA

“GENIE-tically passionate in expressing my geeky side by exploring the metaverse through interactive gaming.”

Wish: Do Not Disturb, Game in Progress.


Programmer: Jeeb

“ImaGENIE-ation and problem solving are what I do best.”

Wish: A day without “bugs”.


Computer Genie: TongTee

“To curiousity since childhood gives me the edge to expand my knowledge technically and GENIE-uinely.”

Wish: Self-CTRL, ALT-solution and DEL-negativity.


Project Lead: Coolabs

“In-GENIE-ous in converting a simple product into a valuable art 💰💰💰”

Wish: A GENIE-rous Boss!


Da Boss: Dithem

“GENIE-ous with a BIG heart ❤️ and a FAT pocket 💰”

Wish: More projects, please...

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